Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cork Biskay

Don't ask about the title. Well, ok, really it means nothing. I was just sitting here trying to think of something while watching Top Gear out the side of my eye and caught glance of a British map. Two words popped out at me completely unrelated and I though, "Hmm, cool name for a painting." Maybe someday.

Back to summer life.
Life of tea parties with friends.

Singing made up Sunday school songs.

And painting into the wee hours of the night.
Projects, they are too consuming. I love to paint. I really do. But sometimes I have to sit back and breath. After a few weeks of catching up on a few projects I am still waiting on canvas that has been on back order now for two months. HELLO! Two months, come on!
I am glad to be busy but working it into a mom schedule, well it is challenging.
I would love to be out at the lake and not having a care in the world. But at the same time if I didn't paint we would struggle to make ends meet. It is a double edged sword.

Once a project is complete though, ahhh, the feeling! Happy clients and a project out the door, awesome!
Sometimes I wish I could keep a painting but really, I don't have a wall big enough for some of them.
Getting out with friends makes a big difference too. I love being with the kids day in and day out and I love staying up after they are in bed painting my heart out but sometimes you really need a good break.
Sitting back and watching the kids play with friends is sooooo nice!

And oooo, this is something I love. See the apron? My friend made this as a gift to her husband (pictured wearing it) years ago. Is it not the best idea for a man apron ever?!
I love creative friends!

And pretty dresses and summer sun glistening in golden hair.

Dirty little faces that radiate summer outdoor fun.

And stolen smooches on the porch.
Weekends in the summer = priceless.

Now some of you know that I got a skateboard.
Dave thinks I have been going through premature midlife crisis. I guess maybe more of a postpartum mommy crisis. I have been thinking about things that I have always wanted to do.
Become a race car driver, like the underground street racer kind. I have always gotten a huge rush from driving way to fast and weaving in and out of traffic. Since having kids I bit my tongue, swallowed hard and let off the gas. I drive the speed limit now for the most part and no longer get road rage. I just let it all go in one big deep calming breath. I no longer get to my destination all hopped up on adrenalin but at peace.
However every once in a while I have a desire to let loose. I want a motorcycle, or something fast. Thing is I am a mom and no longer a risk taker. I love my kids and husband and our little life. But I don't want to get old. Looking at them makes me think that there are things that I let go of while thinking that I had to grow up.
Who says you should do that. Why not do what you love and keep the kid alive. Take up fencing, or free running, now that looks like a rush!
So I bought a skateboard.

It has only been oh, at least 10 years since I have been on one. They even changed the shape of the board over the years. Who knew?!

I went online and found one used but in good shape. I called the guy and we arranged to meet outside his apartment down town.
It almost felt shady as I got out of the truck checked out his ware, handed him the cash and we went our ways.
But we have a board.

And I am not so good at it any more. I think I am old and not so limber, my balance is not the same at all!

I watch my little sister and her friends.
I won't be doing any of these moves any time soon.

But I think I have mastered the ollie-oops!

Dave on the other hand. Well he used to do it for a while when he was younger and it came back to him like riding a bike.
He was riding and popping circles around me after a few days. Fun though, everyone should just get out and do what keeps them young.

Then again snuggling and kissing babies works too. Nom, nom.

He is so snugly and smiley now. I promised I would fill this post with a few good ones;-)

And now I just looked at my clock. It is after 1am, no wonder I am feeling toast.
But then again I don't know if I will be able to sleep.

Kaitlyn is away tonight on her first sleepover. I cried on the way home. My baby girl! I am not ready for this!!!
She is getting to confident and this has been something she has been talking about for weeks.
She is days away from being 4 but if feels like 14 tonight.

They just grow so fast!

And next thing you know they are blowing kisses and off they go!

My heart strings!

But then again I do really need to go sleep. She wants me to pick her up at either 3 or 5, she insisted this as I walked down the sidewalk waving and choking up.
I love that lil nugget!

Orders up!
And I am out!
(snif, snif)


Mrs. Wilson said...

Wow, you've been BUSY!! Your paintings area beautiful.

I hope Kaitlyn's having a great time at her sleep over! I remember Kaylie's first one. I didn't know what to do with myself!!

Kori said...

I have a second favorite picture now...and anna, I want to just pinch Hudson's fat little cheeks; does that make me a bad person? you look lovely.

Loukia said...

Great post! Summer is so much fun, isn't it? And how cute is your baby? TOO CUTE! Your paintings are beautiful. :)

bethany said...

I LOVE that you got a board. do whatever it takes to feel young! great pics, oh the pull of art and life and kids ... got a movie you MUST watch one of these days ... about 4 mom artists, will email you the name when i can refind it. it's way back on my sanemoms blog somewhere. it so gets at the sacrifices and balances. hang in there!

Gayle said...

I know just how you feel about Kaitlyn going on her first sleepover. Can you believe that I still get that little tugging feeling in my heart when my girl goes on sleepovers now? And she's thirteen! They do grow up too fast!

I think that is so great that you are getting back into skateboarding! Have fun!

And I have to mention your artwork. Anna, it is so amazing!

Debbie said...

This is my first time seeing your blog. Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. As are your children. I love those cheeks!

Stacie's Madness said...

you're crazy busy girl, I'm tired just reading this. Love the paintings, love the photos...

mamatucci said...

Frankies first 2 didnt work out so well but then she was hooked.

I love all the paintings,especially the orange one!

Ara said...

Great paintings Anna! You work hard, I couldn't imagine being a mom of 3, and taking on tasks like that!

Kids do grow up, way too fast, I won't even tell you what my 11 yr old is going through right now, she was just 4, like your daughter, yesterday, I'm sure of it!! Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Anna, Just had to say, you're doing a great job! I just love your spirit.

PS. When my prints arrived and I showed The Bean the one of the girl in dress up clothes, she immediately exclaimed, "It's ME!" Thanks, Friend!

BeachMama said...

Look at you go! I just love your paintings and wish I could fill a whole wall with them, in time, in time...

And your kids are just growing up so fast. Kaitlyn at a sleepover? I have even held off for J thinking he needs to wait. Hudson is so yummy, I miss those baby snuggles.

You are looking great, skate boarding is awesome, I think I will learn with J.

p.s. I used to own a motorcycle, I miss it.

Elaine A. said...

Your paintings are magnificent as usual Anna. I love the huge tree one. So wonderful. I know it's hard to balance everything but please, never stop painting. You are a amazing.

And those baby cheeks?! OMG, I just want so squish them and kiss them - so sweet!

P.S. I wore the bird pendant that I "won" from your blog last year at BlogHer and got many compliments on it. : )

R Royal Family said...

You are not alone in your midlife crisis. I am going through my own. I hope your board cures what ails you lol.

Oh my does Hudson ever look like Ethan!

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