Thursday, February 12, 2009

The toaster tale

This is the story I have about my toaster escapade. (Some of you who follow me on twitter might remember me mentioning this)

Dave approached me with our air mile points a few weeks ago and the idea to use some of them to get an air compressor finishing nailer.
I asked whatever for.
He said to nail stuff.
I said it sounded dumb and that hammers work pretty good and went to bed.
Then the next morning I woke up and checked the compressor nailer thing out online and realized it was pretty cool and could actually do a lot of neat things.
I felt rotten.
 Then I called Dave and apologize profusely for what I had said the night before and told him he should order it.
He said he had decided we didn't really need it and was going to order a new toaster instead.

Now I felt really bad. He really had wanted the compressor thing and had done a bunch of research. 
A toaster!
Come on!
I begged him to go with what he really wanted and forget about the toaster.
What was wrong with our toaster?
Sure it was really old and the springs were a little over active.
You just had to be near by to catch your toast as it flew out or it would land on the counter or floor.
And maybe if you didn't stand by to make sure it popped when you wanted it to it would eventually spit out a charred hockey puck but hey, it was one great old toaster. 
I knew it well and it knew me.
OK, and it was starting to get a little fickle with where it decided to toast and you often had to rotate the toast or waffle halfway through so it would be browned on all sides but really, I knew how and when to do it.
Dave said he was done with the old thing and his mind was made up. He had ordered a new toaster.
After we got back from our last trip out to AB there were three UPS tags in the mail and a note to contact them to pick it up within the week if we wanted our package.
I had a pit in my stomach.
I really loved that toaster. It had been there from day one for Dave and I. It was like giving up that ancient can of broccoli soup on the top shelf. (Another story completely)

A few days later I finally took the slip and headed out to the UPS depot. I was sad, almost mourning the old toaster. I kept on trying to rationalize in my mind that the new toaster would never live up to the old one. Sure it might toast bagels and thaw things but it probably wouldn't need me to stand by like the old one. 

I needed to get a grip. Dave wanted this for us. A fresh start.
I must be happy!

I went into the depot with my slip and handed it to the guy. He looked it up on the computer then went off searching through stacks of boxes. After a while he came back and asked for the name on the account. I told him and also mentioned that it was a toaster so he knew what size to look for.
He came back with a tiny box. It had the wrong name. I told him I was pretty sure a toaster wouldn't fit in that box and sent him back looking again.
Finally he came back out with a big grin on his face.

Carrying this.

The ware house guys all broke out laughing their heads off and one remarked. "Now that is one way to get your wife to pick up your parcel, tell her you are getting her a new toaster, ha, ha, ha......"

I was relieved!
And happy, and mad.
Dave sure pulled one over on me, but I totally deserved it.
I am NEVER meddling with his tool and gadget wants again, EVER!

P.S. The other night he took me shopping and we chose a pretty new toaster together.
Oh, and I promise belly pics next post.


Stacie said...

ROFLMAO...that is hilarious

mamatucci said...

that was so funny. Men eh!

Catharine said...

What a funny story - thanks for sharing!!! It reminds me a bit about the story of my china pattern and how I pulled one over on Rodney. (Why was he meddling in the china pattern decision anyway - he's not supposed to care!)

Tell Dave I am jealous about the air compressor nailer - I sooooooooo want one! No, Anna, a hammer and nails just doesn't do the trick sometimes!!! Maybe I should find a way to use some points and tell Rod that I am ordering a toaster!

Glenda said...

LOL, very cute!!

Anonymous said...

There is a Canadian Tire ad that was on at Christmas . It was about a husband explaining how wonderful this new power nailer was and could do all types of great things. Meanwhile his wife was doing lots of neat jobs with it. Get learning Anna, this really was for you!!Better than any toaster.
LOL Ponty

Hannah said...

Hahaha!! That was pretty funny, he really got you, didn't he?!

Anonymous said...

That's funny! Don't you love those stories that you'll always remember with a smile.

Kami said...

You crack me up! Glad you both got what you wanted :)

Anonymous said...

Next time you come to Edmonton, pls bring the nailer and Dave. I have lots of jobs to do!

Love Aunty Kathy