Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pucker up and frame it

Bored to tears and feeling so cooped up has led us to some interesting revelations.
Kaitlyn had been asking for a few days in a row to have a pink cake and a pretend birthday party. On her list was a cake for each of us and tea, we compromised and settled on two cakes and tea.
After rummaging for the food coloring and not finding it I told the kids the baking would have to wait. A trip to the store was needed. They whined and I procrastinated. The thought of bundling the kids for such a short trip did not seem fun so we sought out different options.
Not options I would now recommend unless you really like sour stuff.
We found the Kool Aid. It works for hair and play dough so I thought, why not?!
We now know why not.
We added some Kool Aid to the icing too (extreme pucker power) and the kids got to town with lemon-lime and cherry-raspberry. 
With candles lit and songs sung the party was a hit. Then we ate the cake. It really isn't that horrible but none of us made it through a whole piece. My mouth was watering and my cheeks and lips puckering. Kaitlyn decided she would rather look at the cake and Ethan was quite pleased to just eat the icing. A ton of tea was then consumed.
A+ for fun, B- for taste. Now I understand why sugar is such a crucial ingredient when mixing the drink.
Next up on things to do? When at a loss of what to choose I decided to ask Kaitlyn and Ethan what they would like to do. Kaitlyn exclaimed, "Let's frame it, just like Mr. Maker!"
Of course to frame it we needed frames and since Mr. Maker has home made frames we tackled making our own.
The final frames now hang at child's eye height above their stools.

With the kids down early Dave and I were able to do some catching up on House, How I met your mother, Scrubs and Big bang theory. I just cannot sit still and watch, I get antsy so I decided to multitask. Dave is great at this, he dozes on the sofa and watches with half and eye open. (MA(my mom-in law)---I wonder where he gets that from?)
I tried to paint and watch with half an eye on the show. I could watch a few reruns. I kinda tune out when I get into a piece. (this one is nearly done, touch ups and a few details need to be added)
It is something I just decided to do to capture memories. You know how we all keep a little box stashed somewhere with baby clothes or shoes or blankets or toys. I am terrible, I have big boxes and when I think of some of the things in them I wish I could preserve the memory in an in your face kind of way. 
This is why I love open shelves in a closet over drawers, I need to see it to know what is there.

This boot painting is step one. I hope to have a wall full of pieces like this eventually. Maybe a painting of the wisp of hair sporting that first baby bow, or a close up of an ankle with the hospital id on it. A pair of mitts or Ethan's muddy Airwalks. I am not entirely sure what direction this will take but when something jumps out at me I will put it on canvas. 
Where I will hang them I don't know either. I think we need an art overhaul here anyway so maybe the boots will go in the front hall or bathroom.
I am just going to stop now, it is  past midnight and I am starting to feel rambly, nightyo!


Elaine A. said...

You are so very talented.

I'm laughing at how Dave watches t.v. b/c my husband does the same thing! HA! It's a "man thing" I think!

Stacie said...

the cakes look pretty though! lol sourcakes.

Love the painting you are truly talented.

bethany actually said...

I wonder if you'd only used part of the packet, if it wouldn't have been so sour. Or maybe if you'd added extra sugar? Who knows. It was an interesting experiment, anyway!

I love the boots painting.

herm said...

such happy boots, love them :) and good for you for experimenting, even with the puckering! inventions rock ... it's a mom super power isn't it?

homemom1001 said...

I could just hug you!!! You know, try Kool-aid again, but with extra sugar - Green Kool-aid makes the yummiest icing for my mil's angel cookies!! Don't forget marashino (spelling-sorry) juice for pink colouring too if you ever need it again! ((hugs))

catharine said...

I LOVE the painting of the boots! That painting turned out awesome!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have thought about the sugar in the kool-aid either! Too bad it was too sour. They were pretty!

mamatucci said...

well they looked yummy.
I love the boot painting and Ethan really is looking grown up!

Gayle said...

You are so talented! Looks like your kids are, too! Wow, your painting is beautiful!

Kori said...

ha ha, the whole koolaid thing makes me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna and Dave, Lots of Love to Kaitlyn and Ethan.
I love your new border - you know for borderline bonkers! I love the boots and thank goodness the only annoying or perhaps endearing trait that my son got from me is the snoozing and watching TV at the same time!
Everyone!!!!! pay attention to Anna's borders or headlines as poppa calls them! they are amazing.
I leave for Domincan tommorrow, hopefully I can update myself on your blog at the internet cafe!
Love you lots.......
MA (aka grandma/mom/motherinlaw)

Brooke said...

I had to do a little shake to get rid of the goosebumps I developed when thinking about the sour-power. They sure looked cute though! And it kept the kids entertained for a while. Maybe I need to make all my baking sour so that I'm not so tempted to eat ALL of it : ) Love the painting. Great idea to capture little moments and belongings. One day you'll treasure looking at the finished wall collage!

Tracey said...

Cute boots picture. Any memory you make will be a treasure.

Oh, and the Kool aid was very creative, but I'm glad you said it was so sour. Check that off of my list of possible coloring agents!