Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The day after THAT day.

Oy vey! It just took me three shots to log in! You know you haven't blogged for ages when you can't remember the correct username/password combination!
Ok, so here are five more shots from my phone, hence the grain and then the rest are off my old handy dandy point and shoot which never seems to die and is so stinking handy since it fits in my pocket that I often use it over the big heavy duty good camera. I still love that lil ol thing. Anyway this post is not about phone or point and shoot photography or wannabe photography so I'll shut up about it now and get on with what I really wanted to say!

Thanks everyone for the comments and fb messages about my last post, the one about one of THOSE days, you guys (gals) are awesome! I know we all have em and we get through them and then the next day, week, month feels like bliss and all is hunkey dorey again!

Like one of you said, THOSE days are but hicups in life. And they are but they do make life sweeter in the end because they make you appreciate the good days even more.

OK, now I have to admit that I wrote a post to follow up that last one and then forgot to post it!
Obviously the days since THAT day have been a whole lot better, normal...whatever that is.
So what you are about to read was written a month ago now. And I am going to now get to work on what is really going on now!

So here is how the next day went. We woke up early again but I knew that it was going to be fine. Still no hot water but this time I knew it already so I didn't even try to run a bath. Ha, steps ahead! Coffee, well I planned an outing so I didn't have to try to make it eventually either, rather I would get it while we where out, now I was already way ahead of the game!
  I washed my face and put mascara on, and felt like a million bucks! If I put that effort in, even to just put on a smidgin of make up I feel so much better. (Note to self, DO THIS MORE OFTEN!)
Maybe lip gloss tomorrow, ooo, and looking at this (really grainy-makes my skin look funny)shot I think I should cut some bangs too, we'll see. I definitely need a tan!

I think the fact that the sun was shining and the snow was melting might have helped a little too but truth was that I was in a different mind set. I had prayed and was settled and determined that we were going to have a better day. We would have an adventure, that is what life is right?!

We hit the road to a local town up the highway where my aunt works at the gas station coffee shop.  We stopped in for coffee and met a few locals before venturing back out to check out the regional library.


It was funny, not in a ha ha way but just so different than the ones we were used to in the city. The kids were so excited until they saw it and then they asked to please go to the big central library downtown in the city next time. Can't say I blame them. Not that anything is wrong with the little library out in the small town but they like the toys and computers and activity boards in the city. It is just different.

By the time we were done checking it out it was noon and the whole town shut down for an hour so we went home for lunch and then headed out to take advantage of the warm day.

I thought a walk up or down the road, maybe around the village might be nice.
We never made it past the driveway.

And instead explored the yard.

OK, now that was as far as I got with writing that night a month ago.

Fast forward to tonight, posting night. Not sure where I was going with that now but hey, I was having a better day!
Now I want to get back to editing and cruising photos for the post in my head!

Here is to a great...super wet and flooded muddy spring!


bethany actually said...

I'm so glad the next day was better and the days since have been easier too! I'm sure you're right, the sun coming out and the snow melting make things so much nicer and messes seem easier to handle when it's warm outside. Weird, right!? :-)

The kids' reaction to the small-town library cracked me up. My brain went straight into, "When I was a kid..." mode! The library we went to mostly when I was growing up (and that I worked at when I was a teenager) was a small branch library and it had NO fancy toys or computers. Just books and little tables and chairs. I loved that place so much. I liked visiting the big downtown library with one whole floor full of kids' books too, but mostly I just loved my little library. If I think about it I can totally remember how it smelled and the feel of the fabric on the chairs.

I always feel so much better if I put on make-up too! Even if it's just tinted moisturizer and mascara. I've been trying to remember that and it really helps me feel me better-equipped to handle the craziness.

Finally, I never commented on the last post, but I wanted to add my two cents. Well, actually it's two cents from an old family friend. She has five kids, and they started homeschooling when the second-oldest one was having trouble in grade 10. All the rest have been homeschooled up through high school; the youngest is now in grade 9, I think. My mom was talking to her last year about my concerns about homeschooling and feeling like I wasn't doing enough, and she said, "You know, I used to worry about that too...and then I realized, kids are gonna learn, no matter what I do. It's what kids do! Homeschooling is really about building character, not about what you learn from books." I loved that so much. It's really helped me this year especially, since Elliora's birth and our actual sit-down-and-do-school time has gone from a couple hours every day to a couple hours a week, maybe. When I start worrying about it, I remind myself that Annalie is learning all the time--and hey, now she's learning about babies and how to take care of one, too!--and we're just getting a lot of character-building in right now. :-)

Love you!

Kori said...

I just love it when you post, and your kids are all so BIG now! I can't remember if I commented on your last post or not, but I am really glad for oyu that the days have been better.

I grew up with a library simialr to that one-so the "big city" library scared me for the longest time. Too many choices!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Yay for better days!

I always get up and have a shower before going to down to my "office". If I don't, I feel absolutely awful. I always got dressed up to go out when the boys were little does wonders to my attitude!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Your photos are so beautiful!!!

I'm glad you had a much better day. I miss you!!!!!

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