Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Topsy turvy

I wish I had a lot of wonderfulness to share with you all but truth is that I am wiped. Life is something ain't it?

A few weeks ago we went to the bank to sign the paperwork for the money we need to complete our project at the lake. They had approved us weeks earlier but we kept waiting for the paper signing call. The few trades that we have to use were booked though and then finally they called us in.

It turns out that the girl that was dealing with our account screwed something up and we really only get a quarter of what we needed. What?
What about all our dreams and plans?
What can we do?
We will be able to get the pipes for plumbing done, wire for electricity run, maybe the windows installed and maybe insulation sprayed. That is it.

We were told that since we don't have a mortgage we could get one and that would free up our line of credit however since we wouldn't have the money for a down payment we would face a $10,000 charge. Ha!
And of course since Dave is a private contractor and I am an artist we just don't get loans and stuff like other people.

So much for finishing the lake house and moving out there, then cleaning and staging the city house for sale. Now we are busting our butts to get the city house cleaned up, purged of stuff, fixed up and then staged so we can sell it to free up the $$ we need to finish out at the lake.

We aren't sure where we will live once the city house sells since we don't even have a toilet out at the lake yet or walls or lights or anything else. We do have framing and window holes and a water heater though!
So maybe we will find a little cabin to rent or a camper to sleep in or maybe crash in on relatives, I don't know. According to some lady that walked by and her experiences the roof rack on our truck should work just fine! (she was a little loopy!)
We are living day to day and will cross that bridge when it comes. I am sure it will work out one way or another, heck pioneers did it right!

And of course in the midst of all this we are expecting a baby to come. I am not feeling as ready for either as I would like to be. I get tired and take naps instead of cleaning or packing. And then in the evening when I want to be practicing my hypnobirthing (breathing and visualization techniques) I am thinking about a million things that need to happen here to get us ready to sell. We are in the 35-36 week stage of pregnancy now though and time is ticking!

So this is why I haven't been around, our world is a little topsy turvy at the moment. Don't stress though, the Lord is watching over us and we will pull through. We have had help here and there and more is to come. It is a very exciting and stressful and crazy time. I can't even express the feelings and emotions I am going through daily, it doesn't even feel real!

So, I hope to be back here and get up to date, but I am just a wee little bit busy.
"Muah!" (blowing kisses)


bethany said...

hang in there! sorry about the bad news :( but you sound serene about it all ... God IS in control so it will be great one way or another :) hugs to you and praying for a safe delivery!

Hannah said...

Oh Anna, that does sound stressful for you ... I'm sorry about the bad news from the bank :-(
Also sorry I have been terribly slack with my commenting. I DO read all your posts though.
You are looking RADIANT and I am keeping you guys in my prayers - for the house situation, the pregnancy and the birth. God has everything in His hands, and I know it will all work out for the best. HUGS!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness!! Yikes. I know everything will work out SOMEHOW. I wish I could come help you ... I'm thinking about how I can make that work ...



Amydeanne said...

oooo that's crazy about the $$$. I totally know how you feel cuz we've had issues of that sort before too!
Hense, I'm still in a half finished house myself going on 3 years now.. bah!

BeachMama said...

I know that everything will fall into place for you it would just be easier if it came together a little easier. Will be thinking of you and keeping you all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anna, I just stopped by here and enjoyed your great pictures, but hope I can encourage you to hang in there with my comments... may the Lord's presence bring you an undeniable sense of peace as you near delivery in so many unknown variables. May you sense His closeness and affection no matter the situation, and feel his protective cover drop down over your life, providing the comfort and strength you need in the face of every moment!! PSALM 91:1
Will be praying for you,