Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going back

I don't even really know where to start. Almost another month has gone by since I was last on here. And I miss it. I miss getting my thoughts out regularly but I have had no choice but to hold back for a bit. I have been working on getting orders out that have been nagging at me since spring and am so looking forward to not painting anything but what comes out of my head randomly. Not that I don't enjoy being booked...solid for two years now but I need a break to just get refocused and explore some of the ideas I have been stock piling.

Ok, and then there was the biggie. My spiritual journey. Over the last month I have been dealing with massive amounts of convictions and soul searching. Digging onto the Bible and seeking to know God's heart. This is a journey that has been refreshing and also kinda like getting hit by a cement truck.
I just hadn't had a real desire to read the Bible and really study and meditate for 10 years. Oh I have read here and there and looked a few things up and followed along with studies once in a while and also just read out of guilt too. But something snapped a while ago that has created a hunger in me like never before. And the convictions, I won't even get into what they are. Just a few months ago I would have thought I was crazy but that was where I was then so I know that every one had different convictions at different times and that is just how it is.
I do suppose if you poked and prodded I would talk about it in an e-mail but I am still on this discovery process.
Anyway, between painting, reading and trying to get life into a sort of routine and balance I have not let myself indulge in this here blog. This is my treat time.

And so rather than fill your ear with a pile of my thoughts (which I really really want to do) I really need to get caught up in the photo department first. So here we are going back a month to Canadian thanksgiving and the following two weeks! The last few weeks are still on the camera, I know, nuts! I used to load them on here every night! The task is daunting!

I really should have dug out the tripod!

Tea time for little friends.

First time really trying to keep her colouring in the lines. She is really abstract in most of her art so this blew my socks off!

Awww, yes!
We headed back to Edmonton the week after thanksgiving for a memorial service and I got to catch up with some old friends. This one is a very, very old friend...from birth kind of old, not age, we soooo are not there yet...and one who is so much like me in thoughts and interests it freaks me out but also makes me love her more! Oh and she doodles these great little viking comics!

It was beautiful weather and the leaves had all fallen off the trees couldn't be resisted!

Dave and I.

And I got to sneak out again to visit another old friend. She does amazing graphic work and I have promised to indulge in some of her work if you live in her area you should check her out! Ahhh, how I miss our pretty coffee dates and 'gotta get out and pour out my guts and get a good vent out' coffees and well, there just isn't anything like surrounding yourself with great friends is there?!

Ready to hit the road.

Goodbye snuggles were absorbed.


And back on the road with a gazillion potty breaks.
A trip that used to take 7 1/2 hours now takes 10.

But even though the trips are longer and somewhat brutal they are worth it. Seeing family and friends is so good and getting the see the stars in a clear black sky on the side of the road in the middle of no where on the 187th pee stop....totally worth it in an Awesome way!


homemom1001 said...

Great pics Anna! Thanks for the update! Coffee again soon?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
It was wonderful to see all the great pictures. Thanks for updating your blog.
Grandma anderson with lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anna! Your blog is the only blog that makes me really want to create a blog of my own. It's so personal and full of truth and I just appreciate reading something so real! It's never boring or dull, there is always something to peak my interest or my thoughts!
- Christa

Kori said...

I am just wishing you blessings and peace on your spiritual journey, and also have to comment (of course) on how gorgeous your family is. Every time I see Hudson, my ovaries start screaming again!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Don't feel guilty about breaks. There are no rules about how often one has to blog and we all know family comes first, and if you are talking time to get close to God that is very good, it will bring blessing into your life!!!

Stacie's Madness said...

love the photos, i hope that you will come back soon and give us your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you on your journey and praying for you as well. Love the photos and so glad you got to visit with family. Those times are the precious ones.

Elaine A. said...

Oh that Hudson, he's the cutest chunky little monkey!

Good to hear from you and prayers for you regarding your spiritual journey...

Anonymous said...

Grandpa W. and I missed the kids when we had to rake leaves again. It was such a fun day - love all the pictures.
Grandpa & Grandma Mc.

BeachMama said...

Oh Anna, as much as I miss being able to pop in on you on a daily basis, I am so happy that you are taking the time for you. Your kids look great, you had a wonderful trip to Edmonton and it looks like it was a Happy Thanksgiving.

Glad you are getting time to paint, you are just so talented and your talent must be shared.

Jen Wilson said...

Wow. Your photos are AMAZING!!!!

MJ said...

Hi! Just a note to check your church to see if there is an advent schedule for 10 years & under to follow at home. We have one at First Baptist and we do the morning ritual of "talking about God" before (bribing) having a chocolate. Hey, if it works, it works!

Marcie said...

A pleasure to read your musings
And wonderful pictures!!

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