Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby wearing...

...cause we don't want to miss a moment.

The time just goes way too fast. Uh, ya, I know, it has been ages since I was on here and this is why.
Hudson is over two weeks old now and still a good baby. We are all still adjusting, especially Ethan. He is the one that has kept us up at night and is being more needy. Every day is better but he is still not quite his normal self.
I am finding it really hard to stretch myself between three kids. I had a few friends tell me that the third child was easy schmeezy and that it would just fit right in. 
Others told me it was the toughest of all adjustments.
I think it is pretty tough. We now have three kids under the age of 4!

Holy freaking shmolly man!!!!

Three kids!

Dave and I....and three kids!

I still can hardly believe it!

 I do feel overwhelmed with tasks to do but also so in love and gussy all at the same time. Emotional but in a joyous and thankful kind of way. Like I want to soak up every stinking moment with each of em and kiss and hug endlessly. I cannot believe how a heart just grows to fit in the next kid. I had no idea I was capable of this!
So getting dishes done or laundry or anything else is tough. I just want to hold my baby all the time and snuggle his little rolly neck and smell his baby smell and listen to his little coos...ahhhh.  Baby days!

Don't you just love em?!


bethany said...

yes :) so glad you're feeling it! snuggle all you can, sweat and all! you are one brave woman ;)

Hannah said...

I say enjoy the moments - the laundry can wait ;-0
Having said that, I only have 2 kids so have NO IDEA what it would be like to share myself around 3 children, I bet it's tough. But amazing how your heart just grows bigger and there is more than enough love to go around. Amazing!

Kori said...

I, too, thought three was a har number to adjust to, even though Hannah and Eli were 6 and 5 by time I had Sam. And then number four, one that was a huge suprise, and i worried that I couldn't love him as much-but I do. thinking of all of you!

lynne said...

Wow your going to have such fun having 3 little ones so young together. I hope your getting enough sleep. I think housework can go hang for a while.

SAJ said...

I bow down to your THREENESS!!! Congratulations. You are amazing. :)

Elaine A. said...

Praying for you! I'm sure it's a little tough adjusting to three children but I'm glad to hear that you are enjoing that new little guy even if the laundry is piling up! : )

Loukia said...

Awww, there is NOTHING as nice as a brand new baby... they are just PERFECTION in every way! They way they small, their tiny little feet and hands, the little sounds they make... it must be hard trying to figure it all out, how to split your time so you're able to spend quality time with your older children... I find it hard enough to do that and I only have two children!

ioi said...

Congratulations! When our third was born the first was only 2 months past the 2.5yr mark. So I hear you on the third being tough to adjust to! It gets better though and it won't be long before you'll hardly be able to remember what it was like to only have two!

MJ said...

Who needs sleep and a clean house? They are overrated!

mamatucci said...

so much hard work but so much fun