Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More than the daily whine

How about some update-y stuff. Boy do I ever sound boring but really if it weren't for Friday school craft class and the odd get together with friends I would have nothing to report except more sleepy, sicky pregnancy stuff. I think we have all heard enough of that for now so since I managed a nap today and am feeling okydoky I'll dig through archives from the last few weeks.
Remember that I got my hair done?

This was a big deal. I needed it badly! Like two inch root bad.
I had this vision of what I wanted and it didn't turn out quite like it. I hated it for the first few days and now it has grown on me. 
I would love this do on someone else but I wanted more subtle streaks and was trying to grow it out. Am loving it now though so no complaints. Seems my hair dresser knows best. 
Now out to the yard. Somewhere we have not been in over a week. It is just too cold out there and the wind, eck!
However we did get out and soak up every single moment of sunshine and warmth before we hit the freeze.

And for some of you who were wondering about Halloween. Only three weeks later but here it is. 
Not the chicken but a turtle. 
Last minute Kaitlyn decided she wanted to be Franklin and dug out her turtle costume. I was sad not to see the chicken but I secretly hope for next year. Ethan went as a screeching giraffe. He was furious at us for making him dress up and it took him 3/4 of a block to get over it and get on with the candy getting.

For a few moments Kaitlyn wanted to go as a ballerina but after much coaxing was talked out of it. There was no way that would fit over a snow suit!

And the crafting. We have been doing tons but rather than post it all here I will eventually get it all up on my craft site. Don't go looking for it now, I am hoping to do it in the next few weeks.

The regular craft of our day has been going strong. 
And it always gets out of hand.
Or maybe I should say on hand. Har, har....sad. Blame it on prego, mommy brain.
Dave has been going crazy outside with the Christmas decor and once he kept blowing a breaker realized the limit for the year.
If we stay here and not at the lake I think a new outlet will be in order.
Out at the lake we have been working on plans. After having my uncle who is an architect out we found out that it will be better for us financially to tear down the old place and start new. Not music to our ears but a relief to know what we have to look at.

Now in the evenings rather than go on here (though I would often rather do that) I have been plugging away at orders due before Christmas.
This one is nearly done and I think it will be one of my last portraits for a long time.
I just cannot find the time and energy for them and I just don't get the same satisfaction out of them as I do when I paint what comes out of my head. Weird and maybe selfish but one day when I have time to sit for hours at a time I will get back to them.
Since I have been feeling so lousy I try to take advantage of every moment that Dave is home. I nap. 
He does a lot of the fun stuff and has become quite the crafter. Kaitlyn decides what to make, tells him what she needs and away they go.
Now I just remembered that I did have more to share, oops.
All the pictures are still on the camera.
We went to the Santa Clause parade on the weekend and then I had my birthday yesterday, yup the big 28. Ha, I actually feel pretty young still though I am getting told on a pretty regular basis that I am "SOOOOOOOO" old. Thank you Emily!

Anyway I wanted to say thank you all for hanging in there with me, your comments and e-mails make my day. I hope I can get around and say hi to you all in the next few days, xoxo!
Off to Zzzzz.


cc said...

I hope you start to feel better soon.

As far as the blogging sporadically goes, don't worry about it. I'm doing NaBlo, but my writing isn't as good as I want it to be. The lack of available time is showing.

mamatucci said...

I love the turtle costume and I love your hair. get lots of rest,you deserve it

Stacie said...

i LOVE your hair, I might just bring my hairdresser to the computer and COPY you. :)

Gayle said...

Your hair is so totally cute! I'm glad you like it now. Get your rest, we'll be here when you are up to posting!

Elaine A. said...

Good to hear from you!

I got my hair done VERY similarly (color-wise) and at first I didn't like it either. But I love it now.

The kids are cute and if you are old at 28 then I guess I'm ancient at 33! ; )

Tracey said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR. That is EXACTLY what I wanted, and got something subtler... So, I guess you have my hair and I have yours?


Get some rest, girl.

Kami said...

Hang in there, it can't last forever...trimester two is on it's way... I think...I can't remember when you are due!

It's been ages!

LOVE your hair:)

Anonymous said...

don't worry about getting around, just take care of your cute self! loooove the pics of the kids at the lake in the sun ... glowing :). thanks for the update!

mommyknows said...

oooo ... nice hair! Great pictures of the kids. Love a little girl in a tutu.

BeachMama said...

Your hair looks fabulous, but I do understand when you get a style you didn't want :).

You seem to be doing great, balancing the kiddos, Hubby and your changing body. It won't be long and you will have your energy back, just long enough to get ready for losing it again after the baby is born ;).

Sandy said...

You look fantastic, hope you are feeling better soon. I love the hair. You still blog more than I do so no need to apologize. The portrait you did is always! I can't believe how quickly our kids are growing up. Your babes are beautiful. Take care!!

Kiki said...

Sorry about the Lakehouse news. Hope you feel better. Are you going to find out if its a girl or boy? What a great sport your husband is. Mine is wonderful at helping out but would not go anywhere near crafts!

Karen MEG said...

That hair really does suit you... I wish I could carry those layers and colours off, it's so chic!

And 28, oh my goodness, you are still a young-un, seriously :). A young, hot mama.

I had to laugh at Kaitlyn's costume change... little G also changed her mind, she was a good witch during school, but since there were half a dozen princesses at school, she HAD to be a princess to go out trick-or-treating. Thank goodness she could still fit her costume from last year!